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Welcome Prime8fightworks  GamefightUK.The pedigree speaks for itself.With Les Allen the first member from England to have joined the prestigious Lionsden team and Shamrock 2000 also the first British fighter to appear in Japans Pancrase events in Japan.Now becoming a very highly skilled BJJ practitioner affiliated with GAMEFIGHT UK under VINICIUS AMARAL.You can't ask for anymore when it comes to learning martial arts , MMA ,BJJ , wrestling and kickboxing.Former UK submission wrestling and MMA champion with 30 years experience and international top level competition.We are happy to provide training for your every need.Competition ,self defense ,threat management ,Door security training ,fitness ,health and we'll being.No cliques or attitude.Just great training with a great team.Don't accept cheap imitations.Like I said the pedigree speaks for itself.


I’ve been training under Les for around a year now after having 3 years of previous training & I have seen such a massive improvement in my game. It is a great honour to have Les as my coach & to be able to train within such a great team.


 I have trained with les since around 2012. His knowledge is superior and I am very lucky to be a part of such an awesome team.


Les has been a fantastic coach to me and really helped with my mindset and self control.To have someone of this calibre on my doorstep is unreal because the man is world class.


I met Les Allen at Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den Fight Team Try-Out in 1996. During this time period, before it became MMA, it was No Holds Barred. The Lion's Den was one of the elite professional fight teams in the world. Out of 8 of us trying out, Les was the only one to make it. That's a 1% graduation rate. I made it 3 years later, but wow, this was the toughest try out and physically challenging 2 hours of our lives.
Now that I'm in the Special Operations community, I can tell you, I would highly recommend learning from a fearless and very experienced fighter/athlete. Among his accolades,  he's an amazing instructor. I cant wait to see you again and train with you brother.

Sean "Sully" Sullivan


I love training with Les my confidence, discipline and ability have come on so much.I am

Lucky to have such access to the level of skill that coach has I feel blessed and I surprise myself every session.



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Monday 6 - 7pm Kickboxing/Boxing 7 - 8pm BJJTuesday 6 - 7:30 BJJ & NOGI leglocks (Advanced only)Wednesday 11AM BJJ                      12 Noon kickboxing                       6-7 BJJ fundamentals         (white belts with Paul)Thursday  7:00 - 8:30PM BJJFriday 5:00-6:00 NOGISaturday 12 noon kickboxing                   1PM BJJSunday  3 pm advanced classCatch,BJJ and NOGI Blue belts and upward. Subby ,Tama and has welcomeMemberships from £35 per month Bronze ,silver and Gold


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